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Flavors available packaged to go and to reheat:
• Local Grass Fed Beef with Potato, Fresh Pineapple & Spices
• Five Cheese and Spinach
• Fresh Pineaaple with Hawaiian Ginger
• Vegetable with Macadamia Nuts (Vegan)

Empanadas come in 3 packs with the same flavor in each package.
Each Empanada is 6 in. wide and ususally retail for $13 or less per package.

Aloha Mexico bakers of Nona's Empanadas™ -- Hand made gourmet baked turnovers in a butter crust filled with savory and sweet fillings using local ingredients.
Handmade with Aloha, in Hilo Hawaii.


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Mahalo to Audrey Wilson for writing about Nona's Empanadas in her newspaper column. Click here to read it

Nona's Empanadas is taking a break while we find a new production facility to meet the growing demand for our gourmet empanadas. Due to the untimely passing of our friend and supporter, Manny Flores, owner of Big Island Mexican Foods, we ceased production. We look forward to making our empanadas available again soon. We thank our customers and the people of Hawaii for their support of our business venture and fulfilling our dream to live in Hawaii.